The first step to a healthy hoof and a well performing horse is the proper evaluation of the hoof by a qualified farrier. A properly trimmed or shod hoof is less likely to develop diseases and lamenesses. Once inffected with a hoof disease, the proper treatment with the right product is essential for fast healing and prevention of reoccurring diseases. We recommend a 5-6 week regular shoeing/ trimming schedule with a reputable farrier in addition to a daily cleaning routine as well as a weekly application of happy hoof to prevent diseases from developing. Especially in moist and muddy environment.


Directions: For effective treatment against thrush, clean area thoroughly and apply Happy Hoof LLC deep into the frog and let solution absorb into the affected area for several seconds. Apply once daily for three days and continue to apply every 2-3 days until cleared up. For preventative hoof maintenance, apply Happy Hoof once a week to frog area.

For seedy toe and white line disease, apply Happy Hoof to affected area once a day for one week after thorough cleaning of the entire hoof. Let absorb for several seconds and allow for solution to spread evenly.


We developed this product with a happy and healthy horse in mind. A horse, that can be used for pleasure, competition, a companion or just simply to enjoy having around. Of course we, as responsible horse owners want our horses to feel and look their best. Due to our environment with bacteria and fungi in the soil, our domesticated horses have developed a disease in their hooves that can be very painful and dangerous to the overall health of our horses. In order to prevent and treat this disease, the use of this product in conjunction with daily hoof care can ensure that you provide the best and most effective care for your horses health.