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Thrush is a disease of the frog of the horse that is caused by bacterial and fungal infection. Thrush is black, thick, and slightly oily. The frog becomes ragged and has a distinct, unpleasant odor. 

White Line Disease

Seedy toe is a separation of the horse's hoof wall from the underlying sensitive laminae at the white line, resulting in a cavity that fills with crumbling dirt, horn, and debris and is prone to associated infection. 

Seedy Toe

White line disease is the distruction of the white line and stratum internum by bacteria and fungus. The bonds, that hold the wall to the coffin bone are destroyed

Happy Hoof LLC is currently the most effectiv e treatment for thrush, seedy toe, and white line disease. It is fast acting and has been effective to treat thrush within only a few applications. Happy Hoof LLC is made in the US and will ship from Statesboro, GA.

Company Policy

We will ship the product within 2 business days upon receipt of payment within the continental United States. Happy Hoof LLC is manufactured and bottled in the US and shipps from Statesboro, GA. For wholesale pricing please contact us directly per phone or email. All sales are final.