Derrick Cooke is a AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier with over 30 years experience in the shoeing business. He has trained with farrier icons like Jim Poor and Jim Keith is a well as many others. He is greatly respected amongst his peers all over the world and attends continueing education clinics on a regular base to enhance his already broad knowledge.  He is an AFA tester and has competed all over the US and has lectured several clinics all over the world. His most recent lecture has been on the treatment of acute laminitis during the American Farrier's Association Convention in March 2017. Derrick's expertise is in the corrective and therapeutic trimming/ shoeing category. He builds most of his shoes from barstock steel and hot shoes all his shod horses. 

Derrick has cometed in upper level 3 day eventing, has ridden rodeo broncs, and is currently competing in Ranch Sorting/ Team Penning events.

Melanie Stevens is a retired Army Logistics Captain with over 35 years experience in the horse industry. She has competed in upper level dressage and jumping shows in Europe and the US and is currently amongst the top 4 Novice Ranch Sorting riders in the State of Georgia. She is owns and manages the Dreamcatcher Equestrian Center, a private boarding and training facility in Statesboro, GA. Melanie handles appointment scheduling for the farrier services and the order processing for Happy Hoof LLC. 

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